A Comprehensive Guide to Agricultural and Commodity Ted Seifried

  1. Introduction:

  2. In the ever-shifting landscape of agricultural markets, a seasoned Tactician can be your key to success. In this article, we delve into Ted Seifried's expertise, exploring the strategies he employs using futures, futures spreads, outright options, and option combinations. Join us as we unlock the market perceptions shared by Ted Seifried and discover how agricultural protection is evolving.


Understanding Ted Seifried's Approach:

    Ted Seifried's approach to agricultural defense is multifaceted, combining various strategies to manage risk and optimize returns. Whether it's navigating the futures market, utilizing futures spreads, or exploring the nuances of outright options and option combinations, Ted Seifried brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. His observations are not only valuable for seasoned professionals but also cater to farmers looking to enhance their understanding of agricultural safty.

Media Presence and Recognition:

    Ted Seifried's influence extends beyond his role, as he actively contributes his expertise to reputable platforms such as Agweb and Barchart.com. His illuminations have earned him recognition in major financial media outlets like Reuters and Bloomberg. Additionally, he shares his wealth of knowledge on the radio, making him a sought-after commentator in the agricultural community. Follow Ted on Twitter for real-time updates and stay tuned for his adventures on tour.
Ted Seifried

Media Schedule:

Stay connected with Ted Seifried's market analyses through his regular appearances on various media outlets. Catch him on RFDtv Market Day Report every Tuesday at 12:45 and Thursdays at 9:45, simulcast on Sirius/XM Rural Radio 147. Engage with his observations on the Commodity Wrap with Marlin Bohling on Sirius/XM Rural Radio 147, replayed throughout the week. Explore CME Group commentary on Grains and Livestock, available on their website and YouTube. Tune in to Market Talk with Jesse Allen every other Friday and AgDay with Michelle Rook every other week. For a comprehensive overview, catch Ted on WNAX and Red River Farm Network, with timings varying to suit your schedule.
Unique Support for Agricultural Operations: The commitment to empowering farmers goes beyond market perceptions. The team of agricultural strategists provides individualized support to farming operations, helping create tailor-made strategies that align with unique business needs. Here's what sets this approach apart:
  • Tailor-Made Strategies:
  • Recognizing that each farming operation is unique, the focus is on offering tailor-made safety strategies designed to fit specific needs and goals.
  • Direct Specialist Interaction:
  • Working directly with a specialist ensures personalized interaction, addressing unique challenges and goals.
  • No Commitment/No Obligation:
  • The belief in flexibility means there are no long-term commitments or obligations, allowing farmers to adapt their strategies based on changing market conditions.
  • Straightforward Pricing:
  • Valuing transparency, the pricing structure is straightforward, ensuring a clear understanding of the costs associated with safety strategies.


In the ever-evolving landscape of agricultural markets, having a reliable expert like Ted Seifried can significantly impact your farming operation's success. From navigating the intricacies of futures and options to staying informed through Ted's media engagements, embrace the tailored strategies, transparent pricing, and individualized support to take your farming operation to new heights in an ever-changing market environment.

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