A Complete Guide To eSignal?

  1. Introduction:

  2. In the energetic world of online business, having the right tools can make all the difference. One such tool that has been making waves is eSignal – an honored online trading software designed for serious merchants and shareholders. In this detailed article, we will examine the characteristics, facilities, deployment, costs, and advantages of eSignal to help you choose if it's the suitable for your buisness essentials.

Understanding eSignal and Its Features:

eSignal Overview:Founded in 2001 and owned by Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), eSignal has evolved into a robust negotiation platform known for its customizable charts and advanced analytical tools. The platform covers major asset classes, excluding cryptocurrencies, and has received prestigious awards for its technical analysis and real-time data feed services.
Key Features of eSignal:
  • Advanced charts and drawing tools
  • Real-time streaming quotes for high-volume dealing
  • Market data across stocks, indices, options, futures, ETFs, and forex
  • Compatibility with top brokers like Interactive Brokers and FXCM

Making eSignal Work for You:

Installation Guide:
Connecting eSignal to Your Broker:To unleash the full potential of eSignal, integration with a broker is crucial. This section provides a step-by-step guide on connecting eSignal to Interactive Brokers, enhancing your dealingexperience.
Features & Functionality:
Explore the core functionalities of eSignal, including watchlists, technical indicators, custom charts, market scanners, and alerts. Learn how these features can empower your negotiation decisions.
Placing a Trade:
Discover the simplicity of placing a trade on the eSignal platform, whether through the chart screen or alternative methods. This section guides you through the process, making dealinghassle-free.

Mobility and Accessibility with eSignal:

eSignal Mobile App:In an era of on-the-go negotiation, having a mobile app is essential. Uncover the features and usability of the eSignal mobile app, available for iOS and Android devices. Learn how to navigate the app and access crucial information on your fingertips.
Heading 4: Exploring eSignal Accounts and Costs
eSignal Account Tiers:
Delve into the three eSignal account options – Classic, Signature, and Elite. Understand the characteristics, costs, and advantages associated with each grade, helping you choose the right plan based on your buisness needs.

Pros and Cons of eSignal:


  1. Advanced customizability in charts and analysis tools
  2. Real-time data feeds across diverse financial markets
  3. Compatibility with major brokers and a mobile app for businesson the go
  1. Relatively expensive compared to competitors
  2. Real-time data not available for Classic subscription holders
  3. Additional fees for certain add-ons
Navigating Customer Support and Training:

eSignal Customer Support:Learn about the customer support offered by eSignal, available 18 hours a day, Monday to Friday. Explore contact methods such as live chat, telephone, and email, ensuring you can get assistance when needed.
Training and Education:Discover the educational resources provided by eSignal, including webinars, video tutorials, and guides. Ensure you make the most of the available training materials to enhance your dealing skills.


  1. Should You Use eSignal?Summing up the review, weigh the pros and cons of eSignal to choose if it aligns with your trading goals. Additionally, choose one of the top eSignal brokers for an optimized trade activities experience.


What Is The eSignal buisness Software?
eSignal is a powerful platform offering real-time market data streams, custom charting with extensive drawing tools, and advanced technical analysis. The program provides data across all major asset classes, excluding cryptocurrencies.
Who Owns eSignal?
    eSignal is owned by (ICE), the same company that operates the New York Stock Exchange and the futures exchanges.
Is eSignal Free?
        No, eSignal is a paid-for service with three subscription plans: Classic, Signature, and Elite.

Is eSignal Worth It?
    Our review concludes that eSignal is useful, especially for active investor interested in technical analysis. However, it is relatively expensive compared to alternatives like business. Consider the 30-day free trial before committing to a subscription plan.
Does eSignal Work On Mac?
    No, currently, eSignal does not offer compatibility with Mac devices.
How Do I Connect eSignal to My Broker?
  •     To connect eSignal to your broker, follow these steps:Log in to your broker's client area.
  • Configure API settings, ensuring ActiveX and Socket Clients are enabled.
  • Open the eSignal program and click on Trade.
  • In the Broker Manager screen, select your broker and complete the connection settings.
  • Click Connect in the eSignal screen to establish the connection.
  1. What Are the Pros of eSignal?
  2. Pros of eSignal include advanced customizable charts, real-time data feeds, educational content, compatibility with major brokers, and a mobile app for on-the-go trade activities.
What Are the Cons of eSignal?
Cons of eSignal include its relatively high cost compared to competitors, real-time data limitations for Classic subscribers, and additional fees for certain add-ons.

How Can I Contact eSignal Customer Support?eSignal customer support is available 18 hours per day, Monday to Friday, and limited service on Sunday. Contact methods include phone (+44 (0)20 3948 6511), email (retailcustomerservice@theice.com), and live chat via the eSignal website.

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